Double The Fake Freakiness! Meet The Human Barbie’s Plastic Fantastic Doppleganger

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova has a new sidekick and the freaky looking doll-like pair is proving that together they truly have twice the plastic power!

The Ukrainian model’s doppleganger calls herself Dominika but her birth name is Olga Oleynik and she comes from Odessa, the same town as her mentor.

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“We met on the Internet five years ago,” explained 21-year-old Valeria. “We were curious about our similarities. We had the same hairstyle, make-up, and even dressed in a similar way. Our friends were sure that we were blood sisters.

“We are really sisters — but only in spiritual way,” she went on to say. “We have the same outlook and lifestyle.”

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As previously reported, in a recent interview with V magazine, the self-titled ‘living doll’ described Dominika as her fashion designer who helped her create all the futuristic – and very skimpy – costume choices that enhance her fake facade.

The plastic — and reportedly surgically-enhanced pair — has been holding lectures on spirituality for around $100 a session and say they use their unique looks to lure in participants.

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“We are planning to move to America soon. Dominika’s boyfriend is living in the U.S. and my husband wants to start a business there too,” said Valeria. “I am not going to be bored abroad, I’m often invited to photo-shoots and parties.”

While, the outlandish model aspires to benefit people, she has been slammed for spawning a “Barbie flu” and inspiring other girls in the Ukraine to adopt fantasy, fairylike looks and lifestyle.



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