Tech Billionaire Murder Suspect John McAfee Starts His Own Blog

By Radar Staff

The billionaire tech titan wanted for murder in Belize has started his own blog!

The bizarre John McAfee, in hiding from law enforcement for over a week, has started a blog called Hinterland, in which he claims everyone close to him has been rounded up.

“After the murder of Mr. Faul [sic], the police began a systematic roundup of my friends and associates,” McAfee wrote, alleging that everyone from his best friend and housekeeper to his favorite taxi driver have been arrested.

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As has been reporting, McAfee is wanted for the murder of Gregory Faull.  The two men were neighbors on Ambergis Caye, an island off the coast of Belize.

“It strikes me that he is extremely paranoid,” Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has said. “I would go as far as saying he is completely bonkers.”

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Billionaire Murder Suspect On The Run, John McAfee Called ‘Bonkers’ By Belize Prime Minister!

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John McAfee Believes He Will Be Tracked Down And Killed By Cops!

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