Washboard Abs & Bare Butts! Joe Giudice’s Wild Night Out At Gay Club Caught On Camera

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

Joe Giudice let loose in a gay club with his wife Teresa Giudice, surrounding himself with washboard abs and bare butts, and only RadarOnline.com has the exclusive video and photos.

While at Splash Bar last month, a gay nightclub in New York City, Teresa jokingly unbuttoned Joe’s shirt and bragged, “He has nice guns.”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Joe & Teresa Giudice Get Wild At Gay Club

But Joe protested and kept his shirt on saying, “I don’t have the abs these guys got so I can’t do it.”

“He drinks too much wine!” Teresa shot back.

In an effort to get a ‘Hot Body Contest’ going, Joe urges all the men with six-packs to come up on stage with him.

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“All the guys who have abs like this guy right here,” Joe said pointing. “Get up here. Everybody with abs, get up here!”

The men started trickling up on stage and Teresa took the liberty to rub her hands up and down one guy’s abs.

“He has a washboard!” she said.

“When I walked in here tonight, I asked him what he did,” Joe said of one of the guys on stage.

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“And he said he bench pressed guys like me.”

The young man then turns around right next to Joe and flashes his bare butt.

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

So despite Joe being criticized for his repeated use of gay slurs throughout The Real Housewives of New Jersey season, he had no problem being in the gay bar and Teresa insists he’s not homophobic in the slightest.

“My husband is not homophobic,” Teresa told Star magazine.

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“It is difficult because I hate to have to defend myself. But as a person who worked in the fashion industry for years, both my husband and I made many gay friends. In fact, we have a very close friend who just bought a house with his partner to be close to our beach house on Long Beach Island.”

And Teresa claimed that it was a close gay friend of theirs who sold a story about Joe’s homophobia.

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“My husband made some funny remarks to a close friend of ours who is gay and he laughed at the time,” Teresa said.

“He then turned the story around and against us. It is really silly.”



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