Watch Out Jason Statham! Rosie Huntington Whiteley Flirts Up A Storm With Hunky Dutch Actor

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By Radar Staff

When Jason’s away, Rosie will play!

And last Thursday Rosie Huntington Whiteley was playing at super hip Sayer’s club in Hollywood with the boys from Dancing with the Stars — and flirting up a storm with a hunky Dutch actor, is exclusively reporting.

The 32-year-old British model/actress was escorted by Derek Hough, Mark Ballas and Val Chmerkovskiy and made a scene in the aisles, dancing with Derek in her skin tight blue omber dress.

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“She was totally lapping up the attention. Every eye in the place was on her,” an eyewitness tells Radar.  “She looked like she was at a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret – blowing him kisses and tossing her hair all around. Derek was holding her by the waist and practically drooling over her!”

Next up, Mark Ballas took a twirl with the ravishing Brit, but midway through the dance, Rosie caught sight of something, errr…. make that, someone…. much more interesting.

Enter Dutch actor Soren Hojen.

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The Euro-stud took a seat right next to where Rosie was dancing, but didn’t even notice her as she attempted to work her magic.

“She wouldn’t stop staring at him. She was obviously trying to get his attention- moving her hips and running her hands through her hair.  But he still wasn’t noticing her. So she ordered her friend to go up to him and tell him that Rosie thinks he’s cute,” the source says.

“The friend obliged, and when Soren looked up to see who the friend was referring to, his eyes practically popped out of his head! Rosie smiled, but then Soren said he had a girlfriend, and went back to his friends.”

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So Rosie stayed faithful that night, but maybe not by choice!

Is there trouble in paradise brewing for Jason Statham?



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