Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s Bittersweet Wedding Day, Heartbreak Over Grandfather’s Absence

By Radar Staff

Their glitzy Italian wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, but for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel their nuptials were tainted with sadness.

Justin, 31, was especially disappointed that his beloved grandparents were unable to attend, due to his grandfather William Bomar’s dementia and recovery from intensive heart surgery, Star magazine is exclusively reporting.

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Unfortunately, the distance from Tennessee to Italy was just too far, says Justin’s maternal grandmother.

“I am so upset I couldn’t be there,” Sadie Bomar told Star. “I told Justin I wish I could be but it was just too far. He understood completely.

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“My husband had heart surgery and is healing but its better he be [in the nursing home] so people can watch after him. I am always there – before you know it I’ll be in a nursing home too!

“I go there every day to check up on him – no one is around and with the wedding everyone is gone so I need to be with my husband. Justin and his grandfather are very close. Justin called us the other day and told us how much he loved us. He wishes we could have been there.

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“Lynn wants to get him out of the nursing home as soon as she gets back from Italy. Hopefully she won’t be traveling as much so she can help,” Sadie explained.

Despite her health concerns towards her beloved husband, Sadie was keen to reveal how fond the family is of Justin’s blushing bride.

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“Lynn has been so excited and it’s all she’s been talking about for months and months and months. We love Jessica,” she gushed.

And though she hasn’t met many of Justin’s past girlfriends, she does believe Jessica is perfect for her grandson.

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“I haven’t met many of his girlfriends – I’ve met Jessica a lot and just adore her with Justin. We all love Jessica – she is an all-around girl. I did love Britney too, but that was so long ago. Britney and Justin have grown up and changed a lot since those days. I bet Britney is happy for him though. Britney seems happy on that TV show.

“I don’t think Britney and Jessica are very alike, but Justin liked them for different reasons I suppose,” Sadie revealed.


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