Widow Of United Flight 93 Pilot Dies Of Drug, Alcohol Overdose

By Radar Staff

Sandy Dahl, the widow of United Flight 93’s courageous pilot, Jason Dahl, died of a broken heart.

Officially, her cause of death was acute heart failure due to the combined effects of alcohol and multiple prescription drugs, Jefferson County, Colorado chief deputy coroner Carl Blesch said on Friday. Anti-depression, anti-anxiety, painkiller and tranquilizer drugs were all found in her blood stream.

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Sandy was just 52 when she died May 25.  It was only this week that toxicology tests were completed and the specific cause of death was known.

For more than a decade, Sandy worked tirelessly on behalf of other families who’d lost loved ones on 9/11.

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She also founded a scholarship in her late husband’s name, and made countless appearances on behalf of all who lost their lives on Flight 93 when it plowed into a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001.

She never let the public see it, but her friends said Sandy suffered from post-traumatic stress, had nightmares and demanded to listen to all the in-flight recordings taken from United 93’s recovered black box.

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“She died of a broken heart and probably the stress but you know you never would have known it unless you knew her really, really, deeply,” her close friend Jewel Wellborn told a Denver TV station.


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