Transgender Woman Claims Male Anti-Hair Loss Pills Sparked Her Transition

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

A Florida man claims anti-hair loss pills changed his gender identity and he’s now living as a woman, and he recently opened up to Anderson Cooper about his unexpected change and has a clip.

William McKee, 38, was a married father of one when he ordered a generic form of Propecia from an FDA-approved manufacturing plant in India and he claims that after just a few months on the pills, his body felt more feminine and he went through what he calls “a life and death struggle.”

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Now she’s Mandi, and told Anderson that the changes in her body triggered a deep depression and her marriage shattered.

“I went into severe depression, and by the time I got to 2011, my marriage had ended and I was living alone,” Mandi said.

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“I was having physical feminisation symptoms in my body, breast growth, other symptoms like that, and emotionally I was having female type feelings as well.”

After a long struggle, Mandi finally embraced her transgender identity.

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“I said, ‘I’m going to pick myself up and move forward.’ I started going to counseling,” she told Anderson.

But as a newly out face for the LGBT community, Anderson found Mandi’s story hard to believe.

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“These feelings [about gender change] don’t come out of a prescription bottle,” Anderson said.

Mandi admits to questioning her sexuality in the past, but said she never had a yearning to be a woman – until something in the pills triggered it.

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“I had never worn a piece of women’s clothing. I have admitted publicly on my blog and in a couple of other interviews that I told my ex-wife as I was going through this, and my family, that I had questioned my sexuality a little when I was younger,” she said.

“I did have an uncle who was gay, and when I was younger I thought maybe… I questioned if I was bisexual, but I decided I liked women.”

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Mandi is no longer taking the anti-hair loss pills and claims the changes in her body have remained so she plans to continue with her transition.

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