Seth MacFarlane Mocks Ryan Lochte On SNL

By Radar Staff

Seth MacFarlane had a go at Olympic hero Ryan Lochte on Saturday Night Live, and‘s hoping the gold medal winner has a sense of humor.

As guest host, Family Guy creator MacFarlane got SNL off to a rousing new season – already gave you a taste of it with Bill Hader‘s parody of Clint Eastwood – and his take on the often-ditzy Lochte was spot on and hysterically funny.

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Asked by Seth Meyers, during a Weekend Update skit, what new TV shows he liked, MacFarlane/Lochte said “Matthew Perry‘s show Goon.”  Seems Lochte had misread the show title, which is actually Go On.

But at least we now know why the real Lochte often seems so fuzzy on facts.

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“If you hold your ear up to my ear, you can hear the ocean,” he told Meyers.

You can watch the skit on below.


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