Howard Stern & America’s Got Talent Go To The Dogs!

By Radar Staff

The second week of semifinals began on Tuesday’s live edition of America’s Got Talent, with Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel evaluating the final 12 acts in the running for $1 million and a Las Vegas show.

Among the standouts: The Houston-based Olate Dogs put on an amazing display, as the agile canines showed off talents like dancing in a conga line, doing back flips and carpooling on a scooter.

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“They’re not animals, they’re angels from above,” Sharon said, while Howard said, “What a show tonight! The level of expertise that these two [trainers] have — I’ve never seen such well-trained dogs. I’ve seen dog acts, but not like this. You guys have to be in the finals.

“I beg America to vote tonight!” the dog-loving Stern said.

The New Orleans-based Light Wire Theater put on a visually-stimulating show in a well-choreographed tiger vs. dinosaur battle Howie likened to a “some sort of 3-D futuristic movie.”

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“It is like a 3-D experience watching this,” Sharon said. “It was perfect, absolutely perfect.”

The King of All Media was on board as well, commending the troupe for their innovativeness.

“You guys are captivating,” Howard said. “This is dance, and electronics, and something fabulous.”

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Not getting the same love was Clint Carvalho, whose YouTube-based act consists of coaching his bird (who he summoned with the term, “Here, Kitty Kitty!”) to fly through hoops and other assorted tricks.

“When you say, ‘Here kitty, kitty,’ I want to throw up!” the outspoken Stern said.

“I felt like I was in a scene from The Birds,” Howie said, comparing Clint’s schtick to the type of act you’d see at an amusement park, not a Las Vegas show.

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Howard agreed, adding, “When you say, ‘Here, kitty, kitty,’ I want to throw up!”

He gave Carvalho credit for training the birds to do the complicated tricks, nonetheless.

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We’ll see which three acts advance when America’s Got Talent returns on NBC Wednesday at 9/8c.



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