Really Big Boob Jobs In Bikinis! Stars Strip Down And Flaunt Their Fakes

By Radar Staff

Go large or go home!

Far from bashful about showing off their fake boobs, these sizzling hot celebrities love stripping down and showing off their artificial assets in the skimpiest of swimsuits. has photos of 10 stars flaunting their extremely large fake boobs in bikinis.

PHOTOS: 10 Really Big Celebrity Boob Jobs In Bikinis

Coco may be most famous for her fantastically large backside, but the bootylicious reality star is just as top heavy! Whenever she hits a pool party or the shoreline, the busty blonde loves flaunting her extra large fakes in scandalously skimpy swimsuits.

Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are two Teen Moms that aren’t bashful about their boob jobs! The young stars of MTV’s hit reality show love showing off their artificial assets in bikinis whenever they get the chance.

Heidi Montag underwent a massive plastic surgery transformation a few years back, courtesy of the late Dr. Frank Ryan, and The Hills star definitely didn’t hold back when it came to choosing her implant size. The bikini blonde didn’t wait very long after getting her new breasts, to strip down at a Sin City pool party and show them off in a sparkling bikini.

Which other stars flaunt their supersized fake boobs inbikinis? Find out by clicking here.



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