Drunken Man Arrested After Shouting During Batman Screening

By Radar Staff

What could he have possibly been thinking?

Forty-four-year-old David Martin Escamillo of Miami Beach, clad in black gloves, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct early Tuesday, after stepping up during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises and drunkenly shouting out, “This is it!”

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The proclamation — less than two weeks after deranged James Holmes opened fire on an Aurora, Colorado theater July 20, killing 12 people — caused 140 people to scurry out of Regal South Beach Theater No. 2, as a cadre of 30 Miami Beach officers rushed to the scene.

Authorities — who received reports of a shooting, initially — said Escamillo was drunk and incoherent, explaining his erratic and ill-timed stunt.

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Three people in the theater held Escamillo down waiting for police to arrive: One of them, Nigh Ho, told the Miami Sun Sentinel that “it only took a few seconds to realize that this could be something like what happened in Colorado.”

Escamillo was in custody on $8,000 bond on Tuesday afternoon, the newspaper reported.


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