TMI Overload! Kathy Wakile Gets Hot And Heavy In RV, Says Sex Once A Day Isn’t Enough

By Radar Staff

The Real Housewives of New Jersey crew takes an RV trip to Napa to rebuild their relationships but no one gets a good night’s sleep — although for wildly different reasons.

Kathy Wakile is seen in bed with her husband Rich, about to get their groove on, in an upcoming episode of the hit Bravo show but they get interrupted by Lauren Manzo’s boyfriend Vito Scalia who is along for the vacation.

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“Even though you guys are welcome guests here, you’re screwing up my game plan here,” Rick laments, obviously upset at not getting some action.

But when told that all he has to do is “shut the door” Rick then gives way too much information.

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“Yeah, but she’s a screamer this one,” Rick says of his wife of 21 years. “Oh my god!”

“Sharing the RV with Greg and Vito I kind of feel like the surrogate mother. But at the same time, everybody’s got their wild side,” Kathy says in her confessional. “I don’t think once a day is even enough sometimes.”

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Meanwhile, Teresa and Joe Giudice and Melissa and Joe Gorga are sharing an RV having mended their broken relationship.

But none of them gets any sleep because of the uncomfortable temperature and tempers between the fractured family members are set to rise.

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Teresa later confides to Melissa that she is annoyed Kathy is claiming that some of the recipes in her cookbook have been stolen from her mother.

“Everything is good between me and Kathy, I thought it was getting better,” Teresa tells Melissa during a walk on the beach.

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“She comes to my book signing and I’m going through the dessert recipes and then she says to me, ‘My mom’s recipe?’ and then another one, ‘My mom’s recipe.’”

“The thing is it isn’t her mom’s recipe it’s my mom’s recipe.”

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Melissa then interjects, “She says that your mom called her up and asked her for that recipe. And then her mom gave it to your mom and then you put it in the book.”

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