Six-Year-Old’s Outrageous ‘Booty Pop’ Video Goes Viral, Problem Is He’s Too Young To Watch It!

By Radar Staff

A new 6-year-old rapper is making a name for himself – but is he too young to be rapping about booties?

Albert Roundtree Jr.
from South Florida, released a YouTube video for his first single Booty Pop on July 2, which has already been tagged as age restricted – meaning that he, himself, isn’t even old enough to watch it – and critics are appalled.

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“This is a Music Video we did called ‘Booty Pop’ by Albert,” the description reads on YouTube.  “Albert is a 6 year old rapper from South Florida. Since the age of 4 he has been playing piano and singing. No stranger to the spot light this kid has ‘swag’.”

In the video, the adorable little boy is dressed up in hip threads and surrounded by female bottoms, as he gyrates and raps “I can make your booty pop.”

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“I should call child protective services,” slams Vibe magazine.  “To say I’m appalled is an understatement.

“I can’t even begin to wonder what the motivation behind this video and song was, or why so many adults thought it was cool. But watching little Albert sing of making a grown woman’s booty pop while a half-dozen of them dance around him in the pool, just made me sad. Where are his parents?”

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What do you think about Albert’s Booty Pop video?  Sound off below.


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