Kim Basinger, Is That You? Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Is Spitting Image Of Her Mother

By Radar Staff

Alec Baldwin better get his anger issues in check, because the boys are going to be banging down his door to get to his gorgeous teenage daughter!

The Emmy Award winning actor showed off his 16-year-old daughter Ireland on the streets of NYC on Wednesday – who has blossomed into a smokin’ hot mirror image of her mother, Kim Basigner– and has the photos.

PHOTOS: Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Is A Mirror Image Of Her Mother Kim Basinger

Ireland, who was the infamous target of her father’s rage in 2007 during his nasty divorce with her mother, showed off her long and slender legs in a short playsuit, knee-high boots and a denim shirt, with her newly lightened locks on top of her head in a bun.

With her big lips and almond-shaped eyes, it was impossible to miss the resemblance to her stunning mother, who was one of the greatest beauties of the 1980s.


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