Lady Gaga’s ‘Vulgar’ Concert Banned In Indonesia

By Radar Staff

Lady Gaga’s scheduled concert in Indonesia next month has been canceled after police refused to grant the Born This Way singer a permit to perform amid security concerns.

Three Islamic groups expressed strong opposition to the singer’s concert set for June 3 in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta. The groups demanded it be stopped, citing what they called her “vulgar” style.

“She’s a vulgar singer who wears only panties and a bra when she sings and she stated she is the envoy of the devil’s child and that she will spread satanic teaching,”  Salim Alatas, the Jakarta head of hardline Islamic Defender Front (FPI) said Tuesday. “This is dangerous.”

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More than 30,000 concert tickets from a total of 40,000 tickets had already been sold for the event.

Indonesia, a secular state, has the world’s largest population of Muslims as well as significant numbers of Christians, Buddhists and Hindus.



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