Celebrity Imperfections! 10 Stars With Not So Terrific Teeth

By Radar Staff

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only star in Hollywood who has sported a not-so-sensational smile!

From yellow discoloring to crooked chompers, even some of the sexiest celebrities have imperfect teeth. RadarOnline.com has photos of 10 imperfect stars showing off their not-so-terrific teeth.

PHOTOS: 10 Stars With Imperfect Teeth

Don’t mind the gap! Anna Paquin and Madonna both sport a little bit of space between their two front teeth, and it doesn’t seem to bother them one bit.

Everyone loves a little bling, but on their teeth? Along with his trademark face tattoo, Mike Tyson also has some decoration in his mouth – two gold teeth!

Keira Knightley’s teeth are crooked and even she is shocked that no one has ever told her to get to a dentist! In an interview with CBS news, the Brit beauty revealed that her “wonky teeth” had never been an issue in getting work.

Morgan Freeman and Steve Buscemi have plenty of money, but apparently don’t care enough about their yellowed teeth to get them whitened.

What other stars have not-so-terrific teeth?  Find out by clicking here.

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