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Tim-Bear! Tranquilized Bear Takes A Tumble From A Tree

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

You see some strange sights on a college campus, but they are not normally 200-pounds, furry and falling from trees!

Students at the University of Colorado in Boulder got a shock on Thursday morning when a large black bear was spotted running full speed past a dorm complex, reported the Denver Post.

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The 200-pound male, which wildlife officials estimate is three to five years old, spent the next two-and-half hours enjoying a romp around the college campus near the aptly-named Bear Creek student apartment building before heading 15 feet up a tree to get a better view.

As he was so close to the dorms, the authorities were concerned that he might decide to have a student lunch, explained spokesman for the CU Police Department Ryan Huff, so they decided to tranquilize him and let gravity work its magic.

After a short wait while the drugs kicked in, the bear made a spectacular freefall down to a waiting trampoline, while one wily photographer snapped a photo of him mid-air in a flawless swan dive with its legs outstretched.

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“It was really a perfect landing,” revealed Huff.

The bear has been tagged and was to be relocated to the foothills west of Boulder, but not before curious college students got to pet the beast while he was passed out cold in a cage.


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