Melissa Etheridge’s Ex On Burning Their Child With A Cigarette: ‘That Kid Has Insane Pain Tolerance’

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

Melissa Etheridge doesn’t want to give her ex-partner any extra money in monthly child support payments and in legal documents filed last week, she even claims her ex accidentally burned their young son with a cigarette.

“Respondent [Tammy Lynn Michaels] admitted to Petitioner [Melissa] in August of 2011 that she smokes cigarettes and that she accidentally burned Miller when she dropped a cigarette on him,” it stated in Melissa’s legal documents.

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“This is an unnecessary hazard for the children to be exposed to and exposure to secondhand smoke is detrimental to the children’s health.”

On April 10 in a poem titled “Laundering Secrets,” Tammy addressed the cigarette burning incident explaining that while she was “doing her bad habit,” their son unexpectedly ran up at her playing “Invisible Monster Tackling Mommy.”

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Tammy also goes on to say that her son “has insane pain tolerance” and that Melissa was alerted immediately — and in a flash turns the tables on her ex and all her “money secrets, sex secrets, pay-to-say-nothing secrets and cheating secrets.”

Read Tammy’s full poem below:

COURT DOCUMENTS: Tammy Files For Full Custody

standing outside
all that clean fresh air
of Los Angeles
(smog-free, of course)
but i’m standing outside nonetheless

i had a cigarette and i was smoking

now kids
they don’t always listen,
do they?

when you stand 20 feet away from them and say

“Hey- Mommy’s gonna stand over here for awhile
because I’m doing my bad habit;
you guys can’t be up against me for
a few minutes”
how does one know
that her amazing son
with strong and luscious arms and legs
would try to play
Invisible Monster Tackling Mommy

one second I was watching a kid chase a dog,
the next second
a kid was jumping me from behind

how come i was the only one that hollered?
that kid has insane pain tolerance
his tender flesh to the nicotine pencil on fire
so fast, so quick, he insisted it didn’t hurt

gimme a break kid
don’t try to be a hero
that’s gotta suck

after a(nother) lecture on listening to words
(and staying away from Mommy when
she’s puffing on fire)
it seemed all had been forgotten about
inside me
the all-consuming guilt
the horrible knowing
that my boo-boo
had a boo-boo
FROM ME!!!!!!!!

I alerted his other mother immediately, because
it’s the right thing to do
no matter how embarrassing

thank god it’s written now
for all the world to see

it’s hard to hide a secret
i cannot
i suck at it
well, my secrets anyway
others’ secrets?
not mine to tell
i’m golden like that.

someone else? secrets for them?
money secrets
sex secrets
pay-to-say-nothing secrets
cheating secrets
other-people-wrote-it secrets
so many secrets to hide from
…point to another circumstance
in hopes they’ll stop looking at your secrets

laundry day, missus, laundry day.
all my love to the sheet-hangers.

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Melissa and Tammy have 5-year-old twins together — Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose — and Melissa also has two children from a previous relationship with Julie Cypher.


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