Snooki Rips Into The Situation After He Tells Her Fiancé They Hooked Up

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Sparks flew on Jersey Shore Thursday, along with some well aimed pickles, as Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Mike “The SituationSorrentino finally had their knock down drag out nasty fight about their alleged “hookup!”

In the latest installment of the group’s over-the-top MTV reality show, the showdown between Snooki and The Situation finally happened.

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Talking to her boyfriend (and now fiancé and baby daddy Jionni LaValle, Mike boasts to him that he hooked up with his girlfriend.

“I think you’re a good ass kid,” The Sitch says.  “I can’t look you in the face and not let you know, as a man.”

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Then he drops the bombshell on him. “I don’t know if you heard the rumors…I want to tell you as a man, [we did hook up].”

Playing it cool, Jionni thanks him, shakes his hand and immediately tells Snooki, who is furious with her roommate.

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When the two see each other next the fight begins with pre-pregnancy Snooki dropping the f-bomb first.

“You just told my boyfriend we hooked up a month before Italy. Are you crazy?” she yells at Mike.

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“Now there’s nothing to hide,” he says.

“There was never anything to hide, psycho!” Snooki screams.

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After the Situation says he thinks this will all be over some time soon and they’ll be friends again, Snooki really rips into him: “I want you to go and f****** die and rot in a hole!”

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