One Too Many Whitney? Houston Looking Haggard In Hollywood

By Radar Staff

Whitney Houston looked to be having a good time — maybe too good a time — in Hollywood Thursday, and has all the photos for you.

The How Will I Know singer, who sought help for a crack addiction last year —  sported spots of blood on her leg and scratches on her wrists as she left the hopping Tinseltown nightspot Tru Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Whitney Houston Looking Worse For Wear In Hollywood

The 48-year-old singer — who did not look her best out in Beverly Hills last week during a doctor’s office visit — seemed to be more in the jolly spirit as she left the club.

As previously reported, the bulk of Houston’s millions have seriously dwindled in recent years, according to a source close to the singer.

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“Whitney’s fortune is gone,” the source said. “Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released.”


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