A New Royal Hotness: Kate Middleton’s Stripper Cousin Coming To The US!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Kate Middleton is known for her classy, sophisticated and demure style, but her stripper cousin is set to take it all off in a racy burlesque performance in the U.S. and RadarOnline.com has super sexy photos of the racy royal relative.

Katrina Darling, 21, is the second cousin once removed of Kate and Pippa Middleton. Katrina’s grandmother and the Middleton sisters’ great-grandmother, Lily, were sisters.

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She calls herself the “Royal Family’s closest brush with soft porn,” and Katrina will be stripping on March 13 at her X-rated God Save the Queen show at WIP in SoHo. 

“I take my clothes off, but I don’t give away anything that should be kept for someone else,” she told the New York Post.

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While Katrina has never met the Duchess of Cambridge or Pippa, she said she would love for the royal family to attend her shows.  “I’d be happy for them to, but if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world.”

She said in an interview last year that she “expect[s] Kate would be really surprised at what I do,” but she doesn’t think she’s going to be invited to Prince William and Kate’s house anytime soon.

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“It’s only a bit of fun. I don’t suppose I’ll ever meet [Catherine], but I’m very happy for her.”

Check out the racy photos of Katrina and tell us if you think Kate should be shocked by her cousin!


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