Jersey Shore: Vinny Hits On A Sexy Lesbian, Pauly Has A Stalker & The Sitch Plots

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Thursday’s edition of Jersey Shore moved along some of the season’s key storylines, as The Situation continues to plot with his pal The Unit to reveal Snooki’s unfaithfulness to her boyfriend, Jionni. 

Mike —  still upset that the gang just doesn’t care for him all too much — seems to play his cards close to the vest with Snooki, even slamming back a few drinks with her and Deena for subterfuge. 

“Right now, I am keeping my friends close, and my enemies closer,” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant said.

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In another development, The Sitch found out his brother was dating Deena’s sister, leading to more sexual banter about the coincidental hook-up (and giving another roommate a reason to detest him).

In a classic Snooki moment Thursday, the pint-sized reality star had taken to an inanimate object — a rabbit furry head — who she called Lola.

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Other plot developments Thursday included J-WOWW and her boyfriend Roger having some serious communication issues, with the statuesque diva hanging up on him throughout the show, building up to a confrontation where Roger gave it back to her. 

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“You said your piece and then you hung up like a coward so now I get to say mine,” Roger said. “You do not trust me. And that, frankly, hurts me, first of all. and really pisses me off second of all, because I’ve earned it.”

And in yet another confirmation of how famous the Seaside Heights crew has become, we saw Pauly dealing with one of the darker sides of the public limelight: stalkers. Yes, the gelled-up record spinner has a female admirer named Vanessa that seems to show up everywhere he is.

“She looks at me in the eye and it’s scary,” he said, comparing her to Kathy Bates’ character in the 1990 thriller, Misery.

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And Vinny, back in the house after a mild bout of depression, was back to his mack daddy ways, comparing himself to Christopher Columbus in trying to hook-up with Nicki, a sexy lesbian. He strikes out, but holds his head high for giving it his best shot.

Jersey Shore returns Thursday on MTV at 10/9c.




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