Ballerina Turned Supermodel Anna Zanovello Dishes On Industry Eating Disorders

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

A ballerina since the age of 5, supermodel of the season, Anna Zanovello, has been surrounded by eating disorders her whole life. The 21-year-old stunner recently opened up to New York Magazine, revealing shocking details about the pressure to be thin in both industries – and has the details.

“I met a lot more bulimic girls [doing ballet],” Zanovella, who was the breakout model of the Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week, explains.

“I think it’s worse in ballet because they check your weight and if you’re above a certain weight, you leave the school. It’s horrible.”

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Of Italian heritage, Zanovello reveals that she is a rarity in the high fashion modeling world, because she believes that it is more difficult for Mediterranean women to be skinny.

“It’s really difficult to stay slim,” she explains about other women of her heritage. “It’s not like a girl from Holland who tends to be genetically slim. It’s also a question of measurements and I feel like many Italian women aspire to work in TV or film, instead of high-fashion modeling.”

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Since strutting the runway, she admits that she’s had to change her diet and cut out carbs like pasta and pizza, replacing them with lots of vegetables and lean meats. She also tries to exercise daily and still practices ballet.

And Anna Zanovello isn’t just a pretty face and prima ballerina – she is also a scholar!  The Wilhelmina model is an engineering student, three exams away from graduation!


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