Madonna Badger Tried To Kill Herself Amid Tragic Christmas Fire

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

The woman who lost her three children and parents in a tragic Christmas fire that destroyed her house has tried to take her own life.

Madonna Badger was hospitalized last week after a family member told the NY Daily News the mother purposely injured herself in an effort to escape the pain of losing her family.

“She is okay… She is out [of the hospital] and somewhere safe. It’s just terrible, nobody could really hold up well under the circumstances,” the relative said.

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Badger’s Connecticut home went up in flames on December 25 after yule log embers were placed unsafely in a bag in the back mud room, taking the lives of her seven-year-old twins Grace and Sarah Badger, Lily Badger, 10, and her parents Lomer and Pauline Johnson.
Badger and her boyfriend Michael Borcina were the only survivors.

A funeral was held for those lost on January 5 in which Badger gave a moving speech saying, “When I used to hear about people losing a child I would say I could never ever, ever live through losing my babies.”

“Gracie asked a thousand times if she was going to die before me. I said, ‘No. that’s never going to happen.’”

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Borcina’s construction company  was handling renovation work on Badger’s recently purchased $1.7 million waterfront home.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has said that Borcina nor his company had the right paperwork to conduct construction work in the state but did not say if they were going to launch an investigation.



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