Seal ‘Shocked’ After Split From Heidi Klum, Has ‘No Intentions’ Of Removing Wedding Ring

By Radar Staff

It’s a sad song for Seal.

The singer, less than a day after jointly announcing his separation with wife Heidi Klum, bared his soul to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview scheduled to air Tuesday, in which he said the split comes as a “shock,” and reveals why he’s not taking off his wedding ring anytime soon.

As previously reported, the German supermodel and Kiss from A Rose singer announced their separation Sunday after six years of marriage, to which he admitted they were both “shocked” to do.

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“You go into these things with the greatest intentions when you say ‘I do’ and you say ’till death do us part’ — those vows hold value,” the Don’t Cry singer told Ellen in an interview taped Monday. “They are not just words. These things happen.”

Seal, 48, said he and Klum, 38, just grew apart as many married couples do.

“You try and you work through it and the thing that you quickly realize when you are married, and you become a parent, you do the best that you can,” the Crazy singer said. “It makes you actually appreciate your parents a lot more.”

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The British-born singer, whose full name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, said he’s most proud of the “four incredible gifts” Klum gave him — their kids Henry, Johan, and Lou — as well as Klum’s daughter Leni from her previous relationship with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.

“She’s still, in my opinion, the most wonderful woman in the world,” the Love’s Divine singer said, noting the couple’s top priority is to remain civil and proceed with dignity through their darkest hour.

At that point, Ellen brought up the 800-pound elephant in the room, telling Seal, “I still notice you’re still wearing your ring; it’s a beautiful ring.”

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“Yes, I am still wearing my ring,” Seal acknowledged, noting it’s a token of how he feels about Klum and the “eight wonderful years” they spent together.

“Just because we have decided to separate doesn’t necessarily mean you take off your ring and you’re no longer connected to that person,” he said. “We will be connected in many ways until the rest of our lives … though our children and also through this tremendous admiration, respect and love that we have for each other.

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“Will we wear the ring for the rest of our lives? Who knows? But right now it feels really comfortable on my hand so I have no intentions of taking it off anytime soon.”

In related news, Seal’s new album Soul 2 hits stores on Tuesday, January 24.


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