How Sandra Got Slim: Bullock’s Trainer Reveals How She Has ‘Completely Transformed Her Body’

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

Since splitting from her bad boy husband, Sandra Bullock has completely transformed her body and is looking sexier than ever. The Blind Side star, who is photographed wearing her workout clothes on the streets of NYC more than rocking sexy dresses on the red carpet, turned to personal trainer to-the-stars Simone De La Rue to help her get her best body ever – and has exclusive details about her workout from the celebrated fitness guru!

De La Rue, who formulated the yoga and Pilates influenced Body By Simone method to train herself through her personal dance career, explains that Sandra is 100 percent committed to her fitness routine.

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“Sandy has completely transformed her body since starting BBS,” De La Rue, who has been training the Academy Award winning actress for a year, tells “She puts in an hour a day, six times a week!  She is extremely motivated and driven.”

At De La Rue’s New York City studio, which is located along the Chelsea Piers, the duo work on a mixture of toning and strengthening exercises mixed with dance cardio.

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“Sandy loves toned arms,” Simone reveals, explaining that they focus a lot on building long, lean muscle without adding bulk.

As Simone’s method is dance based and helps build a strong, feminine and graceful dancer’s body, it is the perfect workout to get Sandy red carpet ready!


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