Fake Surgeon Arrested After Allegedly Performing Liposuction While Smoking A Cigar, Flushes Fat Down Toilet

By Radar Staff

A man impersonating a cosmetic surgeon was arrested yesterday after allegedly performing liposuction on a woman before flushing her fat down the toilet.

Carlos Guzmangarza, 49, is accused of posing as a cosmetic surgeon at the Derma Clinic in San Francisco and allegedly carried out the operation with no medical license and while smoking a cigar!

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The District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Stephanie Ong Stillman said that the Daly City woman contacted Guzmangarza last year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He was apparently offering the slim-down surgery at a rock bottom price of $3,000.

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Intent on giving her his own version of good customer service, the fake doctor allegedly picked the woman up from home and drove her to his office on Mission Street to perform the surgery.

Stillman said that the medical impersonator puffed away on his cigar during the operation and incredulously gave the woman the IV bag to hold while she remained conscious under local anesthetic.

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But matters got even more bizarre when Guzmangarza allegedly turned up to the patient’s home days later with the 6 pounds of fat he had extracted saying that he needed to flush it down her toilet.

The woman only went to see a real physician after her stomach became infected and she then found out Guzmangarza was a fraudster.

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The alleged quack is now being held on $750,000 bail and is charged with practicing medicine without a license, assault with force likely to cause body harm, battery causing serious bodily harm, identity theft, grand theft and false impersonation.

If convicted he’ll spend up to 12 years in state prison.


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