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Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais Headline New Viral Video

By Radar Staff

Hollywood pals Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais clash over who’s got more show biz clout in a new tongue-in-cheek video in which the swashbuckling A-lister gets revenge on The Office creator for his scathing monologue at the Golden Globes Awards earlier this year.

Gervais’ opening chat jabbed at Depp’s film with Angelina Jolie, The Tourist. “It seems like everything this year was three-dimensional — except for the characters in The Tourist,” Gervais said. “I haven’t even seen The Tourist — who has?”

In the new bit Depp gets his revenge on Gervais, in a commercial for his new comedy with Stephen Merchant called Life’s Too Short.

Check out the hilariously sarcastic video on RadarOnline.com!

The premise of the clip is that Depp and a talent agent are meeting Gervais and Merchant. After putting his cigarette out in Gervais’ drink, Depp mentions he “actually remembers him [Gervais] from the Golden Globes.”

When Gervais asked him what he’s been doing, Depp said, “I’m fine, man. Just doing another film that’s going to make loads of money, probably a lot more money than any film you’ve ever made. And you?”

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Gervais shot back: “Just writing — I write and direct all my own stuff … I’m sorry, have I done something to offend you?’

Depp shot back, “What do you mean? Like trashing me in front of 200 million people at the Golden Globes?”

“That was a while ago,” Gervais said. “They were jokes, Johnny.”


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