Kourtney Kardashian Buys A Snake!

By Radar Staff

Doesn’t anyone buy cute little hamsters anymore?

Kourtney Kardashian purchased a snake Wednesday at Fauna, an exotic pet store in New York City.

Although Khloe, 27, went along to see her 32-year-old sibling select a slithery reptile, she was grossed out by her choice of pet. She told an onlooker: “Eww! It’s not mine.”

PHOTOS: Khloe & Kourtney Buy A Snake

After picking a particularly “big and vicious” snake and buying a tank and all other essentials for the cold-blooded animal, Kourtney — who has a 22-month-old son Mason with her long-term boyfriend Scott Disick — arranged for the creature to be taken back to the Gansevoort Hotel where she is staying.

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A bellhop then carried the reptile, which was “snapping at the glass” of its tank, from Kourtney’s car to a cart and up to her suite.

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Although Kourtney is seemingly happy to splash her cash on exotic pets, her other sister Kim like to spend her money on more luxurious purchases.

Earlier this month, the 30-year-old star spent almost $300,000 on a white Ferrari 458.


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