Guess The Bikini Babe — By Her Boobs!

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

How well do you know Hollywood’s hottest bodies? is putting your bikini babe knowledge to the test with a special “Guess The Bikini Babe” feature, honoring the most awesome assets on the shoreline. From reality stars to big screen bombshells, see if you can figure out who these bikini babes are.

PHOTOS: Guess The Bikini Boobs!

This fiery hot redhead is famous for showing off her gorgeous goods in the sexiest of dresses on the red carpet, but can you figure out who she is when she’s stripped down into a swimsuit?

And Leonardo DiCaprio has charmed some of sexiest babes on the beach, but this Israeli stunner is a serious pro at rocking a bikini — because it is her job!

When it comes to wearing the sexiest swimsuits, this former Playboy Playmate has got it down to an art. Not only is she comfortable with her clothes off, but she spent several years showing off her bathing beauty body on the beach on her hit television series.

Find out if you can identity these hot bodies and more by clicking here.

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