The Best & Worst Bikini Boobs In All Shapes And Sizes!

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Bigger isn’t always better!

When it comes to bikini busts, it’s quality, not quantity, that matters the most. has photos of the hottest stars in Hollywood, stripped down and showing off their small and large assets in the skimpiest bikinis.

Jessica Alba may not be the bustiest big screen babe in Hollywood, but the bathing beauty knows how to make the most of her assets. With her perfected taut tummy and toned legs, the hot mama’s moderately sized tatas are proportioned to perfection.

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We all know that Ice-T‘s wife Coco is proud of her buxom bosom. The reality show star shows them off in barely-legal bikinis, which don’t always leave us begging for more.

Kim Kardashian is almost as famous for her ample chest as she is for her bootylicious backside. With a background in fashion, the reality show star always shows them off in the best and sexiest way possible.

Uma Thurman may be sexy, but she needs a few lessons on how to show off her bikini boobs! The Kill Bill star sometimes hangs out a little too much in her bikinis!

What other stars have the best and worst bikini boobs? Find out by clicking here.

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