Simon Cowell: ‘I Never Called Lady Gaga & Beyonce Boring’

By Radar Staff

Simon Cowell says he was misquoted in a UK tabloid article that claimed he’d called Lady Gaga and Beyonce “boring.”
The story spread like wildfire on the web, so the man with the ultimate ‘X Factor’ came to to set the record straight.

“This was completely misreported. It’s the complete opposite in fact,” Cowell’s rep told exclusively Thursday. “Simon is a massive fan of both and he always refers to them as amongst the artists he most admires.

“He thinks they are two of the most interesting, talented and relevant artists today”.

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We got some comments from the music mogul about both megastars, and in both cases, the always-blunt Cowell had the highest words of praise for each of them.

“It’s like they’ve all been bred to take over the world and dominate everything in entertainment,” Cowell told exclusively. “They are unbelievable, these girls.”

On Beyoncé, Cowell told us exclusively she’s “the biggest star we’ve seen in 20 years; we’re seeing sort of the rise of the super female pop star. It’s like a different breed. Beyoncé has that.”

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As for Gaga, Cowell told us exclusively that he thinks she “has The X Factor. She’s smart … [and] has real ambition”

“She is a total, utter star … You have to be open and embrace this level of expression. You hope to God that you can find someone like her.”

“I think somebody like Lady Gaga defines exactly what we’re looking for,” he continued. “She’s both talented and interesting. She’s worked it all out for herself. You never get the feeling somebody is controlling her.”

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“Lady Gaga because is the most relevant pop artist in the world at the moment.  I’ve met her. She is very smart. I like her.”

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