Rob Kardashian: Married Celebs & Partners Are Hooking Up On DWTS

By Radar Staff

Rumors of off-the-dance floor affairs are rampant during every season of Dancing With The Stars, and contestant Rob Kardashian revealed on Thursday that some of the married dancers and professionals are already hooking up!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star made the bombshell revelation on The Mojo in the Morning Show radio program and has audio of his controversial interview.

Listen to Rob’s interview on Mojo in the Morning

When asked by radio host Mojo, “If you could pick any of the couples that were having an affair, which couples would you say, just by their energy with each other?”

“So the people who are married already, you’re saying?” asked Rob, who went on to reveal: “I know some of the couples on the show, some of the celebrities that are married, that are..and some professionals that are married…that are having an affair with their partner.”

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Mojo naturally quizzed him about who was bed-hopping in between rehearsals, but Rob remained closed-lipped.

“You know, not really,” he said, when asked if he wanted to sell them out on the radio show, joking that he would do it for money.

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“You could just call me and send me some money to my routing number and account…I’ll give you the number off air.”

Earlier in the interview, the 24-year-old reality star denied he was hooking up with his dance partner, Cheryl Burke.

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“No, I’m all business…I’m in this thing to win it right now because I’m feeling good. No, I am not bringing that weirdness into our little circle,” he said adamantly.

“I mean, I get it, you’re dancing with your partner everyday. You’re being all sexy and into them, but I don’t know, it’s not really my thing.”

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Rob refused to react even when the DJ said, “I’m convinced that she’s a dancing ho, that she likes to hook up with the guys she’s dancing with,” said Mojo.

“I’m very supportive of…she’s my sister right now, so I can’t do that,” answered Rob, diplomatically, who added that he isn’t sleeping with David Arquette either!

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“I would, but right now I’m in no relationship,” said Kardashian.


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