Charlie Sheen & Dad Spoof Apocalypse Now In Ad For Comedy Central Roast

By Radar Staff

Charlie Sheen and his father Martin Sheen team up in a hysterical new ad for the upcoming Comedy Central roast of the former Two and a Half Men star.

In the ad Charlie, with his face painted camouflage, emerges from a body of water like his dad Martin in the 1979 classic, Apocalypse Now saying, “I was going to worst place in the world — cable.”

At that point, the real Martin Sheen shows up, yelling at Charlie, who’s actually in a swimming pool, flanked by two bikini-clad beauties.

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“Charlie! Get inside and wash your face! It’s past your bedtime!” Martin yells. “When will this ever end?”

The only other time the father and son shared the stage was on a 2005 episode of Sheen’s former show, Two and a Half Men.

Watch the video on (Warning: Explicit Language)

We’ve also got some new clips of the affair, which took place Saturday at Sony Studios in Culver City, California.

“The Roastmaster General” Jeffrey Ross — dressed in a Moammar Gadhafi get-up — said Charlie’s “the black sheep of a family responsible for three Mighty Ducks movies.

“Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez said they would have been here tonight, but they had a family obligation!”

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Ross said of Sheen’s old gig on Two and a Half Men: “Whenever the writers put new lines in the script … he tried to snort them.”

Comedy Central will air the roast September 19 at 10/9c, the same night Two and a Half Men‘s new season premieres on CBS at 9/8c.



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