Aruban Authorities To Reenact The Final Hours Of Robyn Gardner

By Radar Staff

Aruban authorities plan to return to a remote beach on Monday to stage a reenactment of the final hours before Robyn Gardner‘s disappearance last month, has learned.

The 35-year-old Maryland woman has been missing for six weeks, and now police will retrace her steps in an attempt to jog the memories of eye witnesses who may hold crucial evidence that could convict prime suspect, Gary Giordano.

According to Good Morning America, at least two witnesses will be participating in helping with the authorities, reported

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Giordano was reportedly asked to cooperate in the reenactment but refused. He stands by his claim that Robyn was dragged out to sea by a strong current while the couple was snorkeling on August 2.

Upon hearing that the police were going to retrace the aspiring model’s final moves, her friend Lianne Delawter opened up to in an exclusive interview.

“I’ve got to be hopeful about anything that goes on down there,” Delawter told

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“I just want justice to be served. That means finding her, even if she can’t speak then she (her body) will be able to speak.”

As has previously reported, despite still maintaining his innocence, the 50-year-old Maryland businessman has added legal muscle to his defense team by hiring the lead attorney in the Casey Anthony murder trial, Jose Baez.

Baez gained instant notoriety during the Anthony trial, which ended in July with a shocking not guilty verdict.

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Baez had only been practicing for three years and had tried one death penalty case before he was hired by the notorious ‘Tot Mom’, although he has handled five murder cases.

He will not be able to argue the case in an Aruban court, but he will be able to serve as an adviser and assist the defense in other ways, said Giordano’s Aruban lawyer, Michael Lopez.

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In an exclusive interview with, Gardner’s boyfriend, Richard Forester, called the addition of Baez to Gary’s legal team “a joke.”

“It’s a publicity stunt to bring more attention to Baez. This guy doesn’t even have a license to practise in Aruba,” explained Forester. “It’s a joke…Baez didn’t win the Casey Anthony case, the prosecution lost it, in my opinion,” he added.



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