Redmond O’Neal Pleads Not Guilty To Felony Gun And Drug Charges

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Redmond O’Neal has formally pled not guilt to felony drug and firearms charges, is exclusively reporting.

O’Neal appeared in front of Judge Keith Schwartz at the LAX Airport Courthouse on Thursday. O’Neal’s powerhouse attorney, Richard Pintal, tells that his client is being held without bail pending the next hearing.

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“We received the discovery and the next hearing is set for August 24th,” Pintal says. “We hope that we can achieve a favorable resolution of these matters that would involve additional further treatment for Mr. O’Neal. The judge denied bail, we respectfully implored the court so that Mr. O’Neal could receive assistance and treatment for the underlying causes of all of his criminal cases.”

A hearing will be held on August 24, to determine if the case can be resolved, and if it can’t at that time a date will be set for a preliminary hearing, and a probation violation hearing.

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Redmond’s family made a united front in court as his father, Ryan, and siblings, Tatum & Patrick O’Neal turned-up to support Redmond.

If convicted of the current charges, Redmond could go to state prison for up to three years.


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