Mila Kunis: ‘I’m Not Good At Sexy’

By Radar Staff

She’s an A-list stunner who makes her living playing the girl every guy wants.

Strangely, actress Mila Kunis says she’s “not good at sexy.”

Kunis, 28, told The Times newspaper that despite lacking seduction skills (her opinion, not ours!), she still gives it her all when performing in steamy scenes, as she’s done in Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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“There are so many women on the big screen who are so false you just don’t buy it … there’s nothing about them that you believe,” she said. “It feels so put on. You can feel them mugging for the camera.

“It’s like their face is raping me, so I know I don’t want to do that.”

Kunis, who famously made headlines in July when she agreed to accompany a marine to a ball this November, said despite her success, she remains grounded as a result of the dues she had to pay early on in show biz.

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“I’ve been [acting] since I was nine,” she said. “It didn’t happen overnight, so I like to think I’m not in a bubble. I live a very normal life.

“My two best friends: One’s a dentist, one’s a teacher. We talk every single day. They’re not in this industry, we all grew up poor, we all fully understand the value of a dollar.”

Kunis said she’s careful about getting too caught up in her fame.

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“I’ve seen it eat people alive. It happens often. I think people lose sight of themselves because of what they do. What I do is not who I am.”



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