Is Michael Lohan In A Love Triangle? Kim G Says He’s All Mine!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Michael Lohan has found himself in an awkward situation. It seems two reality stars are battling for his affections and one of his “paramours” wants the world to know that she is the only one in his life.

Real Housewives of New Jersey trouble maker Kim Granatelle and Michael have been spotted smooching, and possibly even spent the night together in a New York hotel, and she’s marking her territory in this exclusive video obtained by

“That kiss that you saw with Michael and I was totally real,” Kim told her friend The Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro who shared the video with

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“It was not for the show, it was not about the show. We were filming a pilot together, but that first kiss was a real kiss and there’s been plenty more after that.”

Speaking out to Michael’s ex Kate Major, who was just shown on a dramatic episode of Celebrity Rehab, Kim had some fighting words.

“You were his ex-fiance. Move on and have a nice life. Take Michael out of your equation because right now he’s in my equation.”

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Michael Lohan seems to enjoy the women fighting over him.

“I’m laughing my ass off,” he told “Kim sure is good at stirring up drama.”

Check out the video to find out exactly what sexual innuendo Kim makes about Michael and her pond.


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