Coco Hams It Up & Shows Off Her Crazy Curves — In Her Bikini!

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

She dominates the red carpet and she sasses up the screen in her hit reality show Ice Loves Coco, but Coco really gets attention when she strips down into her barely legal bikinis and hits the beach like a true bombshell! has photos of Ice-T‘s crazily curved wife, showing off her larger-than-life assets in the skimpiest swimsuits around, while hamming it up in dramatic poses.

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While other sexy stars are afraid of getting their hair wet in the ocean, Coco has no qualms about submerging her sexy bod in the open sea — she loves making a splash on the shoreline!

When it comes to maximizing the rays, Coco is an old pro. The blonde beauty, who only wears the tiniest triangle tops and thong bottoms, never misses a spot when it comes to applying her suntan oil.

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And who needs to lift weights when they have a buxom vixen to help them stay in shape? Ice-T gets his workout in on the shoreline, by using Coco’s body instead of gym equipment.

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See Coco ham it up in her bikini by clicking here.

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