Billy Ray Cyrus Surprise Homecoming: Solider Cries When Reunited With Family

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Billy Ray Cyrus’ reality show Surprise Homecoming is a tear jerker every time, and the upcoming episode is no exception.

“It was very cool and very awesome at the same time,” little Xavier Lopez says about his dad’s return in this exclusive sneak peek obtained by  

When Cyrus surprises the family with Sgt First Class Alexander Lopez’s homecoming even the military dad sheds a tear.

PHOTOS: Billy Ray Cyrus and Wife Tish Reunite

“I was relieved, I was excited, I had so much joy going through my body,” his wife Angie Lopez said.  

“I had a big smile ear to ear, and took them into my arms and they held me and it was awesome,” Alex said about holding his family.  

Watch the emotional and heartwarming episode of Surprise Homecoming Monday at 10pm on TLC.


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