Shia LaBeouf’s Star-Studded Run-In With Justin Bieber

by Radar Staff

Shia LaBeouf‘s a handsome young Hollywood star, with a film (and dating) resume that most actors can only dream of — and even he’s a little star stuck by Justin Bieber!

Jimmy Kimmel Thursday tried to stir it up by showing a video of the Biebs’ gal pal Selena Gomez hugging LaBeouf, intimating there could be a love triangle that would shake young Hollywood to its’ very foundation.

Not so, said LaBeouf, but he did have a great Bieber story to share all the same.

The Transformers hunk described a run-in he had with the Baby singer at the MTV Movie Awards, and how he left in awe of the 17-year-old showman.

“He rolls up with a huge squad of dudes … he has to,” said LaBeouf. “He has this presence like Buddha or a young prince. I went up to say, ‘Hi’ and the security is like, ‘Wow, wow’ and ready to take me down. Bieber does this two-finger wave like, ‘He’s OK.’

“He’s like a 16-year-old Frank Sinatra — he has so much presence.”


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