Leiby Kletzky’s Dad: “I Was Proud To Be His Father’

By Neil WoulfeRadar News Director

The parents of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky have yet to speak publicly about the shocking murder and dismemberment of their son, but for the first time, we’re getting a glimpse of how the family is  coping and what they want the millions of people moved by the story to know.

A New York journalist — WABC-TV anchor Bill Ritter — stopped by the home of Leiby’s parents in Brooklyn on Thursday.
He went there without a camera, not to interview them, but just to pay his respects.

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On Friday, Ritter appeared on Good Morning America to share his moving conversation with host Robin Roberts.

Roberts noted that the parents  — who are Hasidic Jews — do not have a television and they don’t read major newspapers; she said they do not want to know details of their son’s murder.

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Ritter said the parents have been sitting Shivah, the traditional Jewish weeklong mourning period, and that a lot of family and friends were there.

Ritter said he spoke with the father for a few minutes and told him while this is his pain, he wanted him to know that millions of people have been moved by his son’s death.

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Ritter paraphrased what the father told him, saying: “ If my son’s death can bring all of these people together, then what a great  tribute to my boy.“

The father also told Ritter that “he was proud to be his father for nearly nine years.”

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Other family members described Leiby as bring “gentle, sweet, sensitive, a little shy, and an incredibly compassionate boy.”

Leiby would have turned 9-years-old next week.

Ritter noted that couple has five daughters; Leiby was their only son.


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