Dance Moms Sneak Peek: ‘Good Thing Would Be A Kennel For Kids!’

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

This weeks episode of Dance Moms is sure to stir controversy when one of the mothers compares children to dogs, saying there should be a “kennel for kids,” and has your sneak peek.

While their daughters train tirelessly for hours on end, the mothers sit in an upstairs room at the Abby Lee Dance Studio, gossiping and exchanging catty remarks – and it’s especially intense now that there’s a new dance mom in town.

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“I must tell you that I used to say, a good thing would be kennel for kids,” new dance mom and competing dance school owner Cathy said to the other mothers.

“At my dance studio what I get sick and tired of people doing is trying to second guess me. But the dance teacher does have to have a plan and sometimes she can’t convey it to you.”

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Outspoken mom Christie doesn’t think Cathy will last: “I don’t know if Cathy’s going to make it in our group. If you want to be a dance teacher then keep her at your dance studio and train her yourself. If you want to bring her to somebody else then you sit upstairs like the rest of the mothers.”

Catch all the drama on Dance Moms Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.


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