Taxidermy Gone Wrong: The World’s Worst Stuffed Animals

By Radar Staff

When good animals go bad!

Animal lovers are discovering the grizzly side of taxidermy after a Facebook page was launched documenting the world’s worst attempts and has the catastrophic photos.

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From a two-legged donkey to moles made into slippers, these stuffed beasts have been posted on a page named, Badly Stuffed Animals and it already has 6,300 fans.

Most people see the funny side of the jobs gone wrong writing comments such as “it’s like Pet Cemetery cross with Ren and Stimpy, genius” and “absolutely historical.”

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But others aren’t so enamoured by the work branding the creations both “inhumane” and “cruel.”

The collection already includes deformed looking hogs, monkeys and even a gun slinging squirrel. But it is now so popular fans are adding their own shocking animals to the social networking page.

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What do you think — funny or faux pas? Leave your comments below…


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