Robert Downey Jr. To Jesse James: ‘What A Glorious Sh*tstorm’

By Amber Goodhand
Radar Staff Reporter

A simple text message from one reformed bad boy to another summed it all up.

Jesse James reveals in his new autobiography that after his affairs on then-wife Sandra Bullock went public he received a text message from Robert Downey Jr. that simply stated: “What a glorious sh*tstorm.”

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“I laughed for a full minute,” James wrote.

James said he had developed a friendship with the Iron Man actor and the text came just when he felt that his “life was falling apart, and there was nothing to do but watch it happen.”

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Downey Jr. is no stranger to public criticism. He was frequently arrested on drug-related charges and endured numerous stints in rehab until finally getting clean in 2001.



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