PHOTOS: Sexy Sailors! Bikini Babes On Boats

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

All aboard, bikini babes!

PHOTOS: Sexy Sailors!  Bikini Babes On Boat

After spotting Elisabetta Canalis and Gwen Stefani showing off their bombshell bikini bods on boats at the Cannes Film Festival, went overboard, finding photos of all the sexy stars who have stripped down and set sail. 

Talk about model mariners!  Elle Macpherson, Bar Refaeli, Naomi Campbell and Miranda Kerr have all showed off their bombshell bodies on boats.

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Kim Kardashian could sink ships with her covetable curves, but luckily the smoking hot reality show star will always stay afloat with that famous bikini booty of hers.

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There is nothing Desperate about Eva Longoria’s on-deck derriere.  The hot Housewife keeps all the sailors entertained with her fat-free figure.

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And when it comes to sexy sea legs, Sharon Stone and Elle Macpherson know how to keep the captains content.

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What other bikini bombshells sail the sea in sexy swimsuits?  Click here to find out.


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