VIDEO: Shania Twain Tells Oprah: ‘I Didn’t Want To Live!’

by Radar Staff

Country singer Shania Twain opened up about the devastation of her divorce Tuesday, telling Oprah how her discovery that her ex-husband was reportedly having an affair almost killed her will to live.

“I just didn’t want to live,” the Man! I Feel Like A Woman! singer told TV talker Winfrey about her discovery in 2008 that her hubby of 14 years, Robert “Mutt” Lange, was sleeping with her former best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

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In her first interview in five years, Twain, 45, said she realizes that the shocking revelation left her strong.

“I needed the wake-up,” she said.

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The seedy made-for-country-music affair, whoever, sent Twain into dark places. At one point, she e-mailed her hubby’s paramour: “Why are you torturing me? Let it go, please,” she said. “Find love somewhere else from someone else…this is killing me.”

When asked by Winfrey if she wanted to die, the songbird replied candidly: “I didn’t want to kill myself but I just didn’t want to live, I lost my will to live. So much of my life was rolled up with into Mutt, our lives were intertwined in every respect and I was completely shocked.”

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In a twist of romantic irony, Twain later fell in love with Thiebaud’s then-estranged husband, Frédéric, and the pair were married in Puerto Rico in January.

Along with releasing a new memoir titled From This Moment On, Shania is now starring in a new docu-series, Why Not? on the OWN network. It’s set to premiere Sunday, May 8 at 9 pm EST/10 CT.


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