President Obama's Grandmother Targeted By Terrorists

By Radar Staff

Disturbing news out of Kenya Thursday:

African al Qaeda branch Al Shabaab, vengeful over the death of leader Osama bin Laden, has reportedly threatened to kill President Barack Obama‘s 88-year-old step-grandmother, Sarah.

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Kenyan police, in response, have ramped up their security efforts to protect her, giving her 24-hour security in the wake of the threats.

“My life has not been affected in any way,” Sarah Obama told ABC News. “It has not restricted my movement.

“If the government has decided to bring more security personnel, we are OK with it.”

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The threats come after bin Laden’s death at the hands of Navy SEALs, under the president’s order, on May 1.

“Justice has been done,” the president told the masses after the long-awaited capture.



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