VIDEO: Star Jones Tells Joy Behar She Was ‘Miserable’ During Her Final Days On The View

Celebrity Apprentice personality Star Jones faced off for the first time with Joy Behar since her tumultuous exit from The View five years ago on The Joy Behar Show Monday night, telling Behar she was “miserable” during her final year on the ABC chatfest.

Jones, 49, was on Behar’s show to promote her new book Satan’s Sisters. She said she misses the the daily banter about current events, but credited social media for giving her a forum for her voice to be heard now that she’s off the panel.

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“I miss the discussion,” she said. “I miss the ‘Hot Topic’ arguing, back and forth.”

Behar asked Jones if she’d ever return to the show as a guest.

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“Right in the middle of Satan’s Sisters? Someone will have to read the book so you know what to talk about,” Jones said. “Of course I’d come. You invite me, I’ll be there.”

“I’m not in charge of the booking! Don’t look at me!” Behar said, spurring Jones to joke Behar was hiding behind “plausible deniability.”

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Jones told Behar she left “dramatically,” explaining her final year on The View “was really probably the most emotionally-destroying time of my life” as she went back and forth with ABC.

“I honestly was not sure that I could take it: Do you know, I actually lost an additional 20 pounds? It was really, really sickening!”

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Said Jones: “The first eight years were great, [the last year was] miserable.”

Still, Jones said in all, her experience was “fun … it was a lot of fun.”

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There was even a touch of tension as Jones confronted Behar about not reaching out to her in the years since she left the show — even when she underwent open-heart surgery last year.

Behar said, “I have a tendency to block out illnesses … I’m very immature that way.”

Satan’s Sisters is in stores now; you can see more of Jones when Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC.



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