VIDEO: Larry King Stars With Wife In New Breath Mint Commercial — See The Sneak Peek

Larry King is starring in a series of television commercials for breath mints with his wife, Shawn, and is bringing you a sneak peek.

It’s a very different gig for him than his 25 years behind the desk at CNN hosting Larry King Live, but the 77-year-old enjoys playful banter with his wife while promoting the all natural breath mint, BreathGemz.

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“Having fresh breath is a very important thing to me,” Larry says in the commercial.

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The two-minute spots are set to begin airing on Thursday, April 7 and feature both Larry and Shawn interviewing patrons at a local restaurant, in typical infomercial style.

On April 14, 2010 Larry and Shawn filed for divorce after accusations of infidelity flew, but after a brief separation the couple put a stop to it and reunited.

Shawn overdosed on prescription pills in what appeared to be an apparent suicide on May 28, 2010.

The police report read: “I had located several pieces of paper which had writing from Shawn King indicating that she was leaving, or that she might hurt herself, such as that she wished to be buried in Utah.”

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King hung up his suspenders at CNN last December, and his slot was replaced by Piers Morgan.



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